Lease A New Honda Pilot

lease honda pilot

Learn more About the Honda Pilot in Abington, PA

Honda of Abington is your source for a great deal on new Honda leases near Philadelphia! Leasing a Honda Pilot is similar to buying one. Research available inventory and compare models online, go into the dealership, and test drive your top choices to see which one is really best for you. Then select the color, trim level, and add-ons you want for your vehicle, and talk about financing. If you love your Honda Pilot and want to buy it at the end of your lease, contact us to get a payoff quote and instructions to purchase your vehicle.

Should I Buy or Lease a Honda Pilot in Pennsylvania

Buying and leasing a new Honda Pilot both have their own set of benefits. We’ve listed some pros of each option to help you decide what might be the best option for you. If you want to buy or lease a Honda Honda Pilot, Honda of Abington is here to help.

Advantages of Leasing a Honda Pilot in Pennsylvania

  • When you lease a car, you will have lower monthly payments.
  • There could be a warranty to cover the cost of repairs. (Ask the dealer for details.)
  • You can trade in for a new car every two or three years.
  • You can afford to drive a nicer car or a newer year model.

Advantages of Buying a Honda Pilot

  • You will not drive the same car as everyone else. If you own your car, you can customize it any way you’d like.
  • Buying a car is more economical in the long term.
  • You can drive as much as you want without a mileage penalty.
  • There’s a certain pride when you own a car.

When you determine whether buying or leasing a Pilot is a better option, stop by Honda of Abington. Let us help you find the right model, with the Honda financing that is best for you.