Honda CR-V Dashboard Light Guide

Honda CR-V Dashboard Light GuideHonda of Abington is dedicated to making sure Honda drivers in Abington, Willow Grove, and Glenside are as familiar with their vehicles as possible.  That’s why we’ve compiled the following Honda CR-V dashboard light guide for your consideration. If you drive a CR-V, take a look at the information below in order to be prepared whenever any of these lights happens to turn on.

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Supplemental Restraint System Indicator- uses the illustration of a person wearing a seat belt next to an inflated airbag. You’ll see this symbol light up when there’s an issue with the supplemental restraint system, side airbag system, side curtain airbag system, or seat belt tensioner.

The Charging System Indicator- looks like a traditional car battery and tells you when your battery is unable to hold a charge.

If you notice that it’s come on during your travels, immediately shut off any unnecessary electric systems like climate control, the radio, and the rear defogger. Doing this will provide you with the power you’ll need to get to a safe place to call a service center for assistance.

Low Oil Pressure Indicator- When you see a symbol that looks like an oil can with some oil dripping out of the spout, you’ll know that this is the Low Oil Pressure Indicator alerting you that your motor oil is in need of some attention.
Brake System Indicator- dashboard light is there to warn you that there’s an issue with your Honda CR-V’s brake system or that your brake fluid is running low. This light spells out the word “BRAKE” in amber. If it turns on, see a technician as soon as you can.
Electric Power Steering System Indicator- This one looks like a steering wheel juxtaposed with an exclamation point and shows up when there’s an issue with the vehicle’s power steering system. When you see it, you’ll want to have it checked out right away.
Malfunction Indicator Lamp- looks like an engine block and is there to let you know when there’s a problem with the emissions control system. In addition to that, it will blink when one of the engine’s cylinders is misfiring. Be sure to take it to a certified mechanic if it lights up.

Check Out the Honda CR-V Dashboard Lights

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